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Access via the Menu Member located in the Upper right corner and click Register.

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1 - Fill in the fields in the form
2 - Read and if agree click confirm that you agree to our privacy policy
3 - Click Register
1 - Check your email to activate your account
2 - Click Activate Account
1 - After activating your account you will be redirected to your profile page in the website
2 - Here you can have a sense of the overall personal configurations and courses you have enrolled
1 - If you would like to logout you can access the button in the top upper right corner
1 - If you would like to login you can access the button in the top upper right corner
2 - Use your email or the username and the password you have chosen in the registration form.
3 - Click Login.

Login Here
1 - If you forgot your password you can recover it in the Login page here
3 - Click " Forgot your password? " after the Login and Register Button

4 - You will be redirected to Password Reset Page

5 - Follow the instructions in that page

Community Forum

1 - Go to Community Forum Page 2 - Click on "create one now" link bellow the sign in button. <
2 - Fill in the form with the requested data.
1 - Verify the email sent to your inbox. 2 - Fill in with your password and email in the page after clicling to verify your email .
1 - Choose the team you would like to join
1 - Follow up the first steps into the configuration of your profile, set up notifications, invite new members and download mattermost apps.

1 - Search for the channels you would like to join