Permaculture Impact is a place for community-based permaculture and agroecological projects in any country to access free resources and share experiences around understanding and communicating the impact of their work.

With Permaculture Impact you can learn how to assess the impact of your project and join the conversation in our learning community

Projects like yours are already doing this work!

Doing whilst learning

You don't have to do it alone

  • Discover how doing this work can help your project.
  • Read about permaculture projects that have already started on this journey.
  • Find out how other projects have benefitted from using Permaculture Impact.
  • Improve how your organisation assesses its impact, and how it monitors, evaluates and learns.
  • Access step-by-step guides in the form of self-study courses.
  • Build your own impact and MEL* plans.
  • Determine your own learning and action pathway.

*Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning


  • Connect with other permaculture projects who are exploring their impact.
  • Ask questions and get help from others already doing this work.
  • Share your experiences, good practice and challenges with the community.

Permaculture Impact was created to support projects to improve how they assess the impact of their work and improve their own effectiveness, whatever their starting point.

Our vision is that Permaculture Impact opens up a permanent space within the permaculture community to discuss and improve how we collect evidence about the impact of permaculture and how we communicate our impact to the wider world.

Collecting evidence about your project’s performance and impact can enable you to:

– Reflect upon and improve what you do
– Access funding
– Contribute to a collective evidence base on the impact of permaculture, for use by researchers, funders and policy makers.

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